Thursday, June 7, 2007

Living For Today!

Anyone familiar with the thoughts "When I get married I'll be ok/happy/relaxed", "When I get a job I'll be content/happy/comfortable", "When I get the promotion ...........", "When I buy the car ....." "When I ......." The list goes on and on and on. Truth of the matter is that we have all been given the same currency by God, and that currency is time, and the time you and I both have is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not 5 hours from now, not even a few minutes from now.

A lot can happen in the next second, Jesus Christ may return, the stock market may collapse, the price of fuel may go up, you might win the lottery..... so many unpredictable events can occur in just a few seconds from now. The question really is "What are you doing with NOW? Are you happy with NOW? Are you full of joy this very moment, or are you waiting for something to happen before you become happy/content/etc?" Practice carrying the presence of GOD, for it is written, in HIS presence, there is fullness of joy! (Psalm 16:11 ....) God lives in you if you believe in HIS son Jesus, if you don't, you can experience this joy by simply accepting that Jesus paid the price for the world's sins so that you and me can come into the presence of GOD and experience fullness of joy. And you need to do this now, for that's the only time you have at your disposal, the next "second/minute/hour" belongs to God, and until it is given to you, enjoy the "second" you currently have!!

Live for today - Please don't get me wrong, it doesnt mean we don't plan for tomorrow, but live as if you don't have tomorrow, live life to the full, express joy, love and peace to the full this moment....... be excited about life, enjoy HIS mercy and goodness and thank HIM for this moment, and even if you don't get to see the next second, you would have lived a full life! God's grace and mercy be to unto you this very moment!


At June 30, 2007 8:28 PM , Anonymous Nma said...

Thanks for blessing my life today with these words. First of all I was thrilled by the clock, that alone was captivating. Then the message...
Many a times, we worry about tomorrow and forget to enjoy today. Living for today is the main area of our lives we tend to demonstrate procastination. But thank God for this reminder that has awakened me and told me what is more important.
Thanks and God bless.


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