Saturday, June 30, 2007

Who are you? What is in a Name?

Hi y'all, I had a long break there, Had loads of stuff to do and catch up on, but i guess I'm back now, so enjoy today's message and feel free to leave your comments, i really do appreciate the phone calls and emails, It's an encouragement for me to keep up the "good" (as some of you have called it) work.

Today's question.... Who are you? usually gets a response that goes something like .... "My name is ........." This implies that a person is identified first by name, which brings me to the second question, what's in a name? What does your name mean? How does it affect/determine your life? Do you know that who you are is linked directly to what your name is?
In the bible we find that names meant a lot. A few examples will illustrate this;
Jacob became Israel, Abram > Abraham, Sarai > Sarah, Saul > Paul etc......
How important were these name changes? Do you think it had any effect on thier lives? The stories in the bible tell us that infact the name changes had a "turn-around" effect in thier lives, the childless bore children (Natural and faith children), the anti-Jesus man became the most effective disciple of Jesus! Amazing transformations if you ask me. How many of us would love to have life-changing events? Ask yourself, what is your name? what does it mean? I know of men who have changed thier names in this great nation of ours and have seen positive things take place in thier lives, now i'm not advocating that everyone go about changing thier names every 2 days or something like that, but I'm definitely saying that if your name means something that is not progressive/sad/evil/negative, I suggest you change it ... and quickly too!

The origin of names you ask? Well let's go back to the beginning, Adam was the first man, and he named everything on the earth, Trees, animals even his wife Eve, that must mean there's a lot of meaning to a name since it was the very first task that God gave Adam. For the perfect illustration, when Jesus was to come to earth, the angel Gabriel (Even angels have names!! isnt' that something to meditate on?) told Mary to name her child "Jesus" (Luke 1:31 and Realization in Luke 2: 21)) ...... Now that name is a Name that is above every name (Phillipians 2:10), Wonderful things happen at the mention of that name "Jesus" , Healings, answered prayers, Salvation, name it ... (sounds funny ...... "name it" :-), t'was not planned sha)
So you tell me, what's in a name? and who are you? I'd love to know your take on this interesting topic......


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