Monday, July 2, 2007

All in a seed

What you sow, you shall reap ...... very popular statement, and very natural too. If you plant tomato seeds, you shall get a tomato fruit. (Now is tomato a vegetable or a fruit? that one has always eluded me!! If you know, please tell me so that I can solve that puzzle once and for all), if you plant corn/maize, you will get corn. Now there are many lessons one can learn from this natural law, for example what you put in the ground is what you'll get out of it, another lesson is that you will always get more than what you put in the ground, In the tomato (fruit or vegetable ..... okay i won't dwell on this anymore), you'll get a lot of seeds, same with the corn, or any other seed you plant.
This principle applies also to everyday human interactions, have you ever had a little child smile at you? What was your response? I can bet that you smiled back. That is called "the seed of a smile", the little child sowed a smile and got it right back and most likely got more in the form of being carried or asked how are you? what is your name? etc ...

My question to you today is "What are you sowing?" in your daily interactions with people, whether at work or in school, wherever, what are you giving out? What does your smile (or lack of it) say? What responses are you getting? if you don't like what you are receiving, try changing what you're giving. Give a smile today, a word of praise, a word of encouragement, show kindness, care, and love, and i can assure you that you will get all that and more because it's all in a seed.

Don't worry, I won't talk about money, because that is another story for another day, but I just want you to remember one thing, the principle applies to every area of our lives. The perfect example of a seed from the perfect sower is Jesus, God gave his best, his only son because of his great love, he loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins and to reconcile us to him, - John 3:16 - "For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him should not be lost but should have eternal life", and by that seed, he has gotten more than one son back. God now has many sons, and as many as are willing to acknowledge and receive Jesus's sacrifice, they also become God's sons. I can't tell you how awesome it is to be the son of God, you will have to experience it for yourself, and as I plant this seed of these words in your heart, I know that it will grow into an understanding of God's love and goodness and sacrifice.
Have a wonderful day y'all and remember if you want something, give it!!


At July 4, 2007 7:23 AM , Anonymous Nma said...

Very few questions hit home, too few words by men are worth our meditation. Your statement 'My question to you today is "What are you sowing?"' made me pause...This day I have chosen to sow all that I am to HIM.

I know alot of people have been and will be blessed by your words. Continue sowing the seed of great words in people's lives.


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